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The era of cheap food maybe over

Agvest is an Agriculture Asset company for the vigilant investor. We focus on the greatest benefit for the you.

Agriculture has been in the headlines lately. They say the mining boom is over, to be replaced by the dining boom. There are many indications that this is true, as per the graph from the World Bank. Also Australia is to be the Asia food bowl. Your thoughts may vary, though now is the time to invest into agriculture production to receive the benefits over the next 30 years.

Agvest is Dubbo based, central NSW. Our costs are a fraction of city companies; close proximity to our farms enhances continual production and our professional behaviour makes us one of the best Agriculture Asset management companies.

We have a diversification of production, both grazing and grain. We will have sheep, cattle, (maybe pigs and chickens). We care for our animals all the way from the beginning to the end; we will NOT participate in live animal export. Our grain production will consist of the norm (wheat, barley, etc) but may also include buck wheat and old strains of wheat to supply gluten free consumers.

All production will be organic.

Just like all good investors, we believe in diversity; safety in not having all your eggs in one basket.

Business Philosophy

Manage numerous farms with open communication channels, continually encouraging the highest standard demanded by the growing middle class market. This allows for the continual production of the highest quality farm produce that the market desires; employing individuals who specialise in various fields. With communication and leadership, our investors, our people and the soil we produce from will receive the greatest benefit.



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